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Lisa Palumbo, Northampton Real Estate
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Lisa's patience, knowledge and wisdom was invaluable in our 10-month search for a home. She never made us feel pressured to act; in fact, Lisa was often the voice of reason as we competed in a very crazy real estate market. In the end, her patience and judgment paid off: we found the perfect house in the perfect spot for us! Lisa handled the negotiations with the seller with ease and before we knew it, we were homeowners! Lisa has an ideal temperament for real estate; she is calm, professional, pleasant and fun to work with; we'll miss seeing her and definitely recommend her!
Anne-Marie Smith and Vankipuram Raghavan

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Palumbo when I sold my house in Conway, MA. From the preliminary phase of setting a price, staging my home for maximum appeal, to providing excellent feedback after showings, to the decision to accept an offer, and finally to the closing, Ms. Palumbo was helpful, patient and supportive. I was especially impressed with her ability to share her "voice of experience" in a productive and non-threatening way. Again and again, Lisa showed up for inspections, appraisal, showings etc. to make sure that things went well. If you are looking for a realtor with a strong work ethic, vast experience, a receptive ear, and a friendly disposition, I strongly recommend Lisa Palumbo.
James Cabral

I live a thousand miles away from the house I was selling in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and was unsure how I would possibly sell it from such a distance. My son helped with online research and collaboratively we decided on Lisa Palumbo.

Not only did she make the sale seamless and effortless, she did so with a cheerful and easy demeanor that made her an absolute pleasure to work with. Many a time, I felt as if I were her only client. She was always readily available by phone or email. There wasn’t a problem she couldn’t solve; whether it was a plumbing problem or electrical repair, she always had the proper professionals available to tackle the task.

Whether selling from near or afar, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lisa’s services again.
Priscilla Goddu

After a failed attempt to sell our house, we contacted Lisa Palumbo for help. She came in with the right pricing, great marketing ideas and the ability to help us with the emotional roller coaster of selling a house. Shortly after her first open house, we were entertaining three offers!

Lisa knows the market, respects her clients and always exhibits the utmost professionalism. She comes with our highest recommendation.
Danny and Susan Morris

Lisa Palumbo is an amazing person/counselor/realtor/mediator/friend!

As a lesbian couple, we needed to find someone who was gay-friendly and could successfully assist us in our move from Germany to Western Massachusetts. As a family of four, which includes kids and pets, we had very particular needs and wants. Lisa took all of them into consideration. She was in constant contact with us overseas via email and long-distance phone calls. She knew us so well just from our conversations that we totally trusted her judgment and were never disappointed in the service she provided.

Lisa would visit houses for us that we saw online and would send us a virtual tour based on the digital photos she took. When it came to the house we ended up buying, she was ever vigilant in dealing with every situation that came up that we were just too far away to deal with. Lawyers, the seller, the seller’s realtor, putting in a new septic system, having the chimney cleaned, the house inspection — she dealt with all of this in our absence and “virtually” held our hands to help us get through the process. She set up appointments for us to speak to “experts” who explained every detail of the septic system and the house-inspection report.

Afterwards, she even lent us furniture because ours was on a ship for six weeks. From beginning to end, she was there for us and we feel very lucky and fortunate to have met and worked with Lisa Palumbo.
Wendy and Kirsten Helmer

We spent approximately four years working with Lisa Palumbo, trying to find the right house. Lisa’s patience, honesty, and optimism really brought us through the dark times when we felt we’d never find what we were after. She never tried to nudge us into buying something that wasn’t right and — in fact — she gently dissuaded us from settling for the wrong house a couple of times. She knows the real-estate market very well and has a good sense of prices; plus, she always pays attention to the nitty-gritty house details (furnace age, electrical updating, roof condition, etc.) that aren’t obvious at first glance.

Lisa is friendly and fun to hang out with. She has great relationships with the other realtors in town so she’s able to arrange showings quickly and was able to negotiate strongly and effectively on our behalf. She’s just a really honest, genuine person and her authenticity and pleasant personality made all the difference during our stressful house search.
Jim Meddick and Krista Carothers

We had a fabulous experience working with Lisa when buying our first home. As first-time homebuyers, we had a ton of questions, anxieties, and a total lack of knowledge about the process. Lisa was amazing at walking us through the steps and explaining everything. She was a perfect balance of knowledgeable and very responsive, yet also laidback. Lisa made sure that we felt no pressure to make any decisions or take any steps that we didn’t feel ready for. We found Lisa to be professional, smart, proactive, experienced, personable, and friendly. She made the home-buying process fun and not too intimidating.

Also, for any couples out there looking for an LGBT-friendly realtor, we’re gay and felt 100 percent comfortable working with Lisa. Long story short, Lisa is a gem and we recommend her to everyone we know.
Becky and Jo Allen-Oleet

I can’t speak highly enough about working with Lisa. We looked at houses for about a year, and Lisa was engaged and patient with us as we narrowed down our vision for our “dream home.” Lisa’s guidance on how to make a competitive offer on a multiple-bid property gave us the competitive edge we needed and she used her local contacts with an electrician and contractor to negotiate all closing costs to be covered by the sellers.
Kiah McAndrew-Davis

I have bought and sold three homes over the past seven years and have used Lisa’s services for all six transactions. Lisa is a consummate professional with an excellent understanding of local market conditions and top-notch communication skills. I would gladly hire her again and can recommend her without hesitation.
Sven Huggins

I’ve worked with Lisa Palumbo on three transactions now, all of them very positive. My first experience with her (she was the seller’s agent and I was the buyer) was so good that I turned to her again, and I was very pleased with the results.

Ten years after that first transaction, I called her again to sell my house. Lisa advised me about what to paint, what to fix, and what to leave alone. She referred me to the best handyman I’ve ever encountered, who did great work for very reasonable prices. Finally, she planned the open house with careful timing, helped me price it right, and sold the house within days for a generous percentage over the asking price! She even had backup buyers in place in case the first offer fell through.

I couldn’t be more pleased. I recommend Lisa to anyone who’s selling a house. You will be in the best hands!
Anne Pratt

We didn’t know Lisa before we moved to town and actually had parted ways with our first realtor when things didn’t work out. The short story is that Lisa is a savvy, intelligent, genuine, likable person, and an excellent realtor.

We had a tough time finding the right place and in retrospect we were being pretty picky in a slow wintertime market. She waited patiently for us to find a place with the “right feel” without ever pushing us or hurrying us to buy. On the other hand, when we did decide to put feeler bids out it was all systems go for Lisa .... the bid was on the seller’s agent’s desk with all the appropriate paperwork within an hour or two, even after she had to track us down to have us sign forms. She was able to network well with the other agents. I think her ability to form friendly professional relationships with them helped us a lot.

When we finally found the perfect home, unfortunately it wasn’t really a secret. The sellers were motivated to move quickly and no less than five bids were ultimately submitted for a single round of closed bidding, all coming in above the asking price. We were $1,000 below the highest bid ... and we got the house! Lisa had the value pegged just about perfectly, and a combination of this and her ability to polish our bid and connect with the sellers made the difference.

There are dozens of qualities that seem to help realtors succeed — interpersonal skills, business acumen, work ethic, etc. — but the bottom line to me, and the hardest quality to judge at first, is whether you can trust the person who is helping you spend your money. There are plenty of potential conflicts of interest that arise during the process, and if personal integrity is a question with your realtor it’s going to take a lot of the fun out of it. All the other things don’t matter much if your agent is not really working for you. We trust Lisa and she earned that from us over a period of months.
Dr. Gabriel Simon

We were lucky to meet Lisa when she presented at our first-time homebuyers class. She seemed smart and a good listener, so we decided to work with her ... and we’re so glad we did! Our real-estate journey included complicated situations involving property boundaries, specialized down-payments, and lots of negotiation. We were so grateful to have Lisa on our team. She provided consistent knowledge and insight as well as some much-needed emotional support. She clearly knows the local real-estate scene very well and did a great job helping us negotiate it. We always felt she was looking out for our interests.

We ended up with an awesome house within our budget, and we couldn’t be happier! I recommend her to all my friends.
Krista Gile and Karen Peterson

When our family decided to sell our house in Amherst, I interviewed several realtors. I found Lisa Palumbo on the internet and was very impressed by her website. Having bought and sold many homes, I did not underestimate the importance of a hiring a good realtor, especially in the existing market — which was/is DIFFICULT. I was impressed from the moment she returned my call — 10 minutes after I left a message. That is follow-up. We met and her presentation was impressive.

Now the dilemma: Lisa was based in Northampton and our house was in Amherst center. I had been talking to realtors in Amherst who work for “the” company most people use in town, the signs you see everywhere. If I didn’t hire these folks, I wondered if my house would be shown as much — would it be boycotted? Silly concerns in hindsight, but nonetheless I had them. My gut told me to go with Lisa. Our home was considered on the high-end and sales within this tier within the previous 18 months were nonexistent.

From the moment we signed on with Lisa, the collaboration was incredible. She made some suggestions as to changes in staging the house and although it required significant effort on our part, we got busy. Lisa created a beautiful glossy brochure with amazing pictures and thoughtful comments that showcased our home beautifully. We had many showings and two open houses. Lisa’s suggestions really made the difference.

Our house sold after only 60 days on the market! As I write this, the “competition” — other similar houses in our price range — are STILL for sale. We highly recommend Lisa Palumbo. Her hard work, market knowledge, and personal service are outstanding.
Carol and Cameron Burr

Lisa is a wonderful agent: highly professional, personable, and great at what she does. I tried to sell my house by owner for over three months. It was a tough market. I hired Lisa, and she found me a buyer within a week who offered my full asking price! She made the selling process a smooth one from start to finish.

When my brothers and I had to sell our parents’ house in the middle of the winter, we hired Lisa and in a very short time she secured two solid offers above our asking price. I have recommended her to several friends as both a buyer’s and seller’s agent, and they have been thrilled with her work. Lisa is also a pleasure to work with: Warm, fun, and down to earth, she is also highly responsive, honest, and hard-working. You won’t be disappointed.
Judy Ferber

Lisa Palumbo is a playmaker! Not only did Lisa somehow find us the home of our dreams, she negotiated a price far below asking price AND procured us a significant state grant that took this dream home of ours and made it a reality. If you combine the negotiations Lisa did on our behalf with the grant she made happen for us, a $340,000 asking price one year ago became a $215,000 accepted offer today.

We had not even been considering houses of this quality when Lisa gave us a call and said, “I found a house I’d like you to check out.” We walked into a turn-key home on three-plus acres well within an area we wanted to live in. We instantly loved it and thought “Great, but there’s no way we can afford this home.”

Thanks to Lisa, two months later, we still wake up and pinch ourselves and say “This is our home!” We cannot believe it — and we owe it all to Lisa Palumbo.
Andy and Gillian Hilnbrand, Westhampton

We worked with a couple of realtors before we stumbled upon Lisa’s website. She looked friendly and professional so we gave her a call. They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we did just that and we’re so glad we did!

Lisa worked tirelessly with us for two years. We had two deals that fell through after Lisa put in hours of work on our behalf. But she was never defeated (even when we were). Instead, she offered us important perspective on the fickleness of the market, she showed us more houses, and she kept us in the real-estate game.

Lisa is a true professional who takes her work seriously — she was always available to us for showings and she worked around our busy schedules. In the end, we found our dream house and Lisa helped us negotiate a good deal. We’ve learned a lot about the house-buying process and we credit Lisa for seeing us through to the finish line.
Deirdre Cuffee-Gray and Libby Woodfin

Lisa, you are still very often thought of as we create our new home. I know that the bumps in the road would have been much harder to get over (and with far more anxiety) without your wonderfully calm, professional attitude and good humor. I'm very glad you’re a realtor for our sake, though sorry for the kids who will no longer benefit from what I bet would have been an amazing experience with you as a teacher. I’m starting to realize that they both take a lot of the same qualities and we’ve benefited from your presence in making this life-changing move.

Thank you for everything you put into getting us here.
Janet Grunwald

Thanks to Lisa Palumbo’s limitless professionalism and knowledge, purchasing our first home was not only a breeze, but a sincerely pleasant experience.
Kyle Belanger and Caroline Martin
South Hadley

Lisa, your help has been great throughout this process. Thank you for making our dream home a reality.
Jeremy and Michelle Scully

When I started looking for a house, I was a complete newbie. I knew nothing about the house-buying process; I had never owned any property before. Then I met Lisa Palumbo — and that made all the difference! At our first meeting Lisa asked me all the right questions: What type of lifestyle did I live? What type of home was I looking for? In what town? What was my budget? Did I have any specific concerns or questions?

She let me set the pace in the house-hunting process, which was very important to me (and I later realized this doesn’t always happen with other real-estate agents). With Lisa, I never felt rushed; I never felt pushed to make a bid on a house. And she showed me as many houses as I wanted to see. She was clearly not looking to make a quick commission and move on to the next client. And I very much valued her for her individualized attention.

Another quality that I noticed in Lisa was her patience in tutoring me through the house-buying process. She reminded me of when I needed to get prequalified for a mortgage, when I needed to have a home-inspection appointment ready, when I needed to contact a lawyer. All of her recommendations were excellent. Everyone she referred us to was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and personable.

I could not have found a better real-estate agent. After comparing notes with several friends and colleagues, I realize that I was very lucky to have stumbled upon one of the best real-estate agents in town. Her goal was to make sure that I found the home I wanted and to do everything she could to make it happen.

For the record, thanks to Lisa’s guidance, I put a bid on one house only and that was the house I bought. I recommend Lisa Palumbo’s services very highly!
Buju Dasgupta

Our two families have summered together for years. As we watched our children grow, we often talked about buying a vacation house together that we could share, maybe on a piece of land, maybe near a lake or pond or stream, maybe with a nice kitchen, possibly even a fireplace. When we stayed at places in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine, we would scan the local listings, but no luck: If we liked what we saw, we couldn’t afford it, and if we could afford it, we didn’t want it.

Then Lisa entered the scene, and found us a piece of land in Ashfield with a beautiful house, a studio garage where the kids could make their noise, a gorgeous stone fireplace, a terrific kitchen, a perfect pond for swimming fed by a stream perfect for exploring. None of us could believe our luck, especially when we learned we could actually afford it.

Lisa made the deal easy, coping with the sellers and their broker, finding us good inspectors and a great attorney who took care of all the headaches. She showed us around the nearby towns and made us feel at home. And now her daughter is fast friends with our kids as well.
Dr. David Portelli, Laura Laurence, Eric Connolly, and Maria West

Lisa did a stellar job of selling our house. We interviewed four different agents. When we were trying to decide between two, her references made it clear that Lisa is a fantastically skilled realtor with a great demeanor and would be a pleasure to work with. Suffice it to say, she is that and more. First, she picked the absolutely perfect listing price. The price was enough to drive a ton of traffic and just right to generate a winning offer.

Lisa was also a great surrogate for us. We were at our new home 1,500 miles away for much of the time the house was on the market. We also had an unusual, very artistic solar home that needed specific care for optimal showing. Lisa took care of every detail to make sure that our house showed well each time there was an open house or showing. In addition, Lisa took care of every detail necessary to close the deal, from dealing with inspectors and fire marshals to helping to convey the unique traits of the home to the new owners.

Most importantly to us, Lisa was always available. I cannot think of a time when I couldn’t reach her or, if I left a message, did not get an almost immediate response. We were apprised of every step along the way almost in real time. There are very few professionals I’ve dealt with who have the same or even a similar level of commitment, customer care and responsiveness as Lisa. I would have no hesitation recommending Lisa to anyone and everyone.
Suzanne Garrow and Suzanne Shuster

Lisa was both our seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. She proved to be an exceptional agent throughout our time working together. Her knowledge of the local real-estate market, huge network of colleagues and resources, and reliability made her the perfect fit for us. She took the time to get to know our family, understand our preferences, and alert us to listings that fit these preferences. Once we found the home we were looking for, she helped us every step of the way until the day we had our new keys in hand. She made what is typically a stressful endeavor feel seamless and worry-free.

Lisa was instrumental in helping us find a home that we continue to love, and for that we are extremely grateful. It’s clear that Lisa took great pleasure in helping us find a home that we love.
Stephen Sacco

Lisa is knowledgeable, personable, and gives good advice based on her understanding of YOUR needs. There were a number of times she could have made a commission at our expense. When we became impatient and considered buying homes that did not really meet our needs, she encouraged us to keep looking. Our trust in her has always been well placed. We love the home she found for us!
Amanda Reilly

Lisa goes beyond the expected to facilitate the sale of a house. I was impressed by her attention to detail, energy, and knowledge. When we came across obstacles, she offered excellent advice and took the initiative in addressing any issues with professionalism. I recommend her without hesitation.
Denise Orenstein

I contacted Lisa early in my plans to both buy a new home and sell my existing one. From day one, Lisa was responsive, attentive, highly professional and, as an added benefit, funny. She shared her opinions candidly and in a way that I found quite useful. I felt that she was upfront and honest. And when we were strategizing about how much to offer for the home we ended up buying, her perspective and knowledge saved us many thousands of dollars.

On the other end — when trying to sell my house — our conversations were solid and informative. She offered ideas for what should get fixed and what could wait, how to stage the house, how to determine when to put it on the market, when to schedule open houses, etc.

In the end, even in this market where many houses are going unsold, my house got an offer on the 20th day and was sold within two months! Lisa was tremendous to work with and should I ever have cause to sell my current home, she’ll be the first person we turn to.
Karen G. Johnston

My husband and I were selling our house in a climate of economic downturn and a sluggish real-estate market, and during difficult personal times as well. Lisa not only managed the listing and marketing of the house with ease but also had the communication skills to make every step of the process much easier than I could ever have imagined.

Lisa was diligent in showing the house and holding open houses, and consistently and thoroughly communicated detailed feedback every single step of the way. She never failed to provide us with information to better inform us in regard to buyers’ reactions. Lisa was consistently in touch throughout the process, always responsive and easy to get hold of. I couldn’t imagine a friendlier or more helpful real-estate agent.

We sold the house quite quickly considering the market, and with a short closing at hand, Lisa worked tirelessly to negotiate last-minute details and diffuse issues in order to help us close on time in spite of complications. Lisa is not only pleasant and personable but is as knowledgeable, skilled and informed as one could ever hope for in a real-estate professional. She came recommended to me by a friend and in turn, given my experiences, I know that I would confidently and enthusiastically recommend Lisa to any seller.
Caroline Collins Streeter

I contacted Lisa Palumbo because I wanted to sell my home and look for a new home. I had heard good things about Lisa. I was in the middle of ending a long-term relationship and was not looking forward to dealing with what I considered to be a “typical realtor.” I did not want to feel pressured into doing anything. I have the same apprehension when I buy a car.

From the moment I met Lisa I realized I’d found my “perfect” realtor. I remember our first meeting at her office. I started crying as I told her my story and what I was looking to do. She listened to me intently, gave me some tissues and just let me talk.

Lisa is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She handled every detail for me with total ease. She sold my home is less than a week and helped me make an offer on my new home painlessly. No pressure. No phoniness at all. I trusted her.

As we spent time selling and buying, Lisa provided unbelievable support to me. Her follow-through was excellent. If I had a concern or a question, she whipped out her cellphone, made a call and had answers for me immediately. She assisted me through the entire process without making me feel pressured. She connected me with a great inspector, lawyer and banker. Everything fell into place.

I highly recommend Lisa to everyone I know who’s looking to sell or buy a home. She is not only my perfect realtor, she is also a great friend.
Susie McCrea

Lisa not only sold our house for us but made the process smooth and easy. When we needed to complete a repair, she had reliable, fast service contacts. Whenever we had a question or concern, she was fast to respond. And most importantly she had a knowledgeable yet calm and soothing presence which is something always in need during the stressful time of selling your home. Highly recommend!
Michelle Marchese

Lisa Palumbo helped my wife and me buy our first home together and just a year later, sell the house I grew up in. Buying and selling a house is so much more than just a business transaction. It involves memories, emotions, negotiation, finesse, and a deep knowledge of both the market and the local community’s culture (not to mention a deep working knowledge of septic systems and building codes). Lisa helped us navigate this complicated process with skill, empathy, kindness, and an earned confidence that put us all at ease.

I can honestly say that I was very anxious about embarking on both of these adventures, and in the end, the whole experience turned out to be a pleasure. My wife and I now have our dream home and have installed a new and happy family into my childhood home thanks to Lisa.
Sam Magee

Lisa is personable and very capable. She met with me as soon as I expressed interest, helped me decide on a reasonable, sell-able price and made some suggestions for how to prepare my home for an open house. She took excellent photographs of the space and posted them on a variety of sites; set up the open house, hosted it, was on top of all the paperwork, helped me think through offers, helped find professionals who could do repairs in a timely manner, kept in good touch with the other realtor, and remained good-natured, honest and on top of things. I highly recommend working with Lisa!
Jenny Ladd

Lisa Palumbo was recommended to us by four friends of ours. She has worked tirelessly to literally make our dreams come true. She was instrumental in finding us the perfect house in a short amount of time in one of the most difficult markets around: Northampton! She knew exactly the right offer to make to get us the house we wanted without overpaying in an incredibly competitive neighborhood.

I like to say she’s magical, but she’s actually really smart; people like her, respect her and trust her. She’s one of the hardest workers I know. She helped us sell that first house in a matter of weeks while also doing all the work needed to find and purchase the house we’re in now. While we were looking for our past house and the house we live in now, she was always ready to get us an immediate showing. She responded quickly to texts, emails, and phone calls. Not once did she seem annoyed and she never made us feel bad when we were being unrealistic or picky, as most homebuyers are at one point or another. Lisa is incredibly skillful at making a stressful transaction go smoothly and even made it enjoyable (she has a great sense of humor).

We live in a perfect house now, and the only thing I’m unhappy about is that we don’t get to see Lisa all the time anymore. She’s everything you’d want in an agent and more: kind, caring, patient, diligent, shrewd and very honest. She knows the market and she knows the right people to make things happen. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa for any real-estate transaction.
Dr. Jacob Schauer and Alicia Purdy

Lisa helped me find and purchase my first house in 2008. She negotiated a great deal for me and ensured all the details were taken care of. We’ve remained friends for years and I've watched her expertise grow as she’s become one of the Pioneer Valley’s top producers.

In 2015, when my partner and I decided to sell the house she found for me, Lisa was once again there for me and ready to jump in and make things happen. Through the ups and downs of it all, she found several buyers for the house and we were thrilled with the result. Once that was done, she helped us find the house we live in now — not an easy feat at the end of the summer when houses are scarce. She responded to our texts quickly and returned phone calls just as fast.

Buying and/or selling a house is not an easy feat. Lisa works nonstop for her clients and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Personable, prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and with a keen sense of how to negotiate the best deal, Lisa will always be the one I call.
Alex J, Northampton

We worked with Lisa to buy our first house, and I’m so glad we chose her. We began looking in the fall, and even though there weren’t many houses that fit our criteria, she kept working with us, sending us suggestions and recommendations. We finally found a house eight months later that looked great and we were ready to move. Lisa coached us through the bidding process. It was pretty competitive — there were at least three other offers besides ours — and she stayed in touch with us throughout the day to adjust our offer based on the information she was getting from the seller’s agent.

Ultimately our offer was chosen! Lisa was excellent at staying in communication, and very knowledgeable about the market. We highly recommend her.
Sarah Bankert

We were referred to Lisa by a friend of my wife. Having never bought a house before, it can be pretty overwhelming. Lisa was a great asset to us. She knew what to do and when to do it. Lisa is very responsive, and that is very helpful because we had a lot of questions. She knows the local market very well and I would recommend her to anyone.
Christopher G.

Lisa was very responsive to my questions and had excellent advice regarding staging. Lisa was flexible when scheduling showings and open houses. She sold my house on a busy road in four months when it was occupied by a rental family. Her instincts on the financial end were spot on.
Jonna Sciacca

Lisa took the time to get to know my wife and me. She shared her honest opinion at all times. The house we purchased we have been in for nearly seven years and we love it. Lisa has also helped us around dipping our toes in to real-estate investing. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, and has a life outside of real estate (she is a talented singer/songwriter). We have a friend who also used Lisa to buy her house and had a very similar experience. She is amazing — you can’t go wrong with her.
Edward Sayer

I contacted Lisa as a buyer’s agent because I didn’t know much about the details of buying. When I found the right house, Lisa negotiated hard for me and got me a really great price on a really great house. I completely trusted that Lisa had my best interests in mind every step of the way.
Tom Sturm

The Valley Community Development Corporation recommended Lisa Palumbo as someone with the patience and understanding to work with first-time homebuyers. For us, that means being a strong advocate, giving honest advice, and taking the time to understand our hopes and needs for our first house. Lisa has done all of these and more. As we continue to search for the right house, Lisa has proven to be just as accessible, responsive and friendly as she was when we first walked into her office.
Emily Robinson and Mark Wamsley

Lisa Palumbo was our real-estate agent when we bought our house in Florence. Since we didn’t live in the Northampton area, Lisa was our eyes and ears during the process of looking for and purchasing the house. She seemed to intuitively understand just what we were looking for. She did a lot of the work of sorting through possible options for us, and only showed us property that really fit our needs. Once we were bidding on the house, she was helpful, knowledgeable, and shrewd. She often proactively reminded us of things we could do to keep the process moving along smoothly.

After we bought the house, we decided that we couldn’t move to the area until the following year, and Lisa helped us find tenants with the same energy and skill that she had applied to help us find our house. We were completely satisfied with her services.
Kathie Fiveash

We just bought our first home with Lisa and were impressed with her professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm from the very beginning. She guided us through every step of the process and made us feel totally at ease. She was always available to answer our questions, and her network of professional contacts was a great resource. She is truly committed to helping her clients find the right property and will go out of her way to meet your needs.

We could not have asked for a better first-time home-buying experience. Thanks, Lisa!
Justin and Devan Folts

When we began working with Lisa to sell our house in Northampton, she immediately went far beyond acting as our real-estate agent. Instead, she became an indispensable combination of general contractor, coach, therapist and friend, always reachable for even the most seemingly obsessive question and never coming off as too busy to give her full attention and wise advice. She’s dynamic and passionate about what she does, with a practical eye toward looking out for her clients’ best financial interests. Even when we had a last-minute change of heart about selling our home, Lisa remained focused and dedicated, working hard — and quickly — to find us a good tenant.

We recommend Lisa wholeheartedly to anyone looking to have a successful, friendly — even fun — time buying or selling real estate.
Annique Herold and Beth Greenfield

We initially found Lisa Palumbo online and we’ve worked with her for nearly a year. She’s been extremely helpful in the home-buying process, always taking into account our needs and requests, and never pressuring us into a decision we weren’t ready for. Lisa has been very patient and understanding, and it’s clear that she wants what’s best for us. She’s always available to show us a home or answer a question. Lisa is truly knowledgeable in the real-estate field, and we feel confident in her abilities to help us, guide us, and provide us with the necessary information to purchase a house.
Amy Diamond and Bruce Goldman

Lisa is the friendliest, most efficient and hardest-working agent we met in two years of house-hunting. We had our house within two weeks of meeting her, and she guided us through the buying process flawlessly. This was our first time buying a home, and it felt great. Thanks Lisa!
Anand Nayak and Polly Fiveash

Lisa was recommended to me as an agent who is especially adept at working with first-time homebuyers. She immediately impressed me with her knowledge of the housing market as well as neighborhoods and people in the Valley.

Business is not the first thing on Lisa’s mind. We talked as friends; she never pushed me to buy, and she always made herself available. She welcomed my many calls and questions, and she really got to know what I was looking for.

After looking for close to a year, Lisa took my boyfriend and me to look at a house the three of us decided was not for us (Lisa’s honesty is also remarkable). On the ride home, Lisa called us on the cell and asked that we follow her as she remembered a house that fit our tastes. We quickly realized the house was for us. A bidding battle followed and Lisa coached us. She displayed a lot of wisdom during the negotiations. She remained objective, but she revealed many of her past experiences, and this is what got us what we wanted in our agreement.

We are fortunate to have found a house that suits us as much as our real-estate agent did.
Nicole Graziano

As soon as I met Lisa, I knew that she was the realtor I wanted to work with. She struck me immediately as honest and actually interested in finding her clients a house that would meet their means and dreams. Because I did not have much of a down payment for a home at the time, over a period of years, I would call Lisa and ask, “Can I buy a home yet — what about this home I saw online? Are there any programs available for me at this time where I can afford more than a doghouse in the areas that I want to buy in?” Lisa always treated me with respect and tried to help me in finding affordable mortgage products that would allow my dreams to unfold.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a house in a place I wanted to be until I received an inheritance. At that point, I immediately called Lisa and set up an appointment to meet with her at her office. Since I knew exactly what I wanted, I asked her to not to show me anything that didn’t fall into my criteria and she didn't. I finally found the house of my dreams in Wendell.

Working with Lisa was like working with an angel from above. She helped me every step of the way and I believe did more than what can be expected of a realtor. She really became my right hand guiding me and supporting me through the steps that one needs to take to buy a home. She assisted in finding me a lawyer, people who could do the various home inspections at a reasonable price, everything.

Lisa is honest, kind, dependable and listens well. I highly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell a home to work with Lisa Palumbo.
Judith Brier

We called Lisa on a Friday afternoon and had an appointment to meet with her the next morning. We couldn’t believe how easy Lisa made the process for us. Being first-time homebuyers, we needed guidance and direction and Lisa was right there every step of the way. Not only was Lisa responsive to our calls and emails, she was in tune with what we were looking for in a house and a location. She went above and beyond to reach us when we were on vacation and the house we thought we had missed out on suddenly became available.

Four weeks later, we moved into the house we were dreaming of.
Jill Collins and Annie Ericson

We loved working with Lisa. She’s honest, down-to-earth, professional, and easy to work with. Lisa has a real strength for communicating and reading people, and the other professionals she connected us with were top-notch, too.

Lisa showed us the homes we were interested in and we quickly found ourselves with an accepted bid. Lisa made the process of purchasing our home clear and simple for us. When we hit a few bumps near closing with our sellers, Lisa knew just how to handle it and the issues were easily and quickly resolved.

We were thrilled to work with Lisa and we hope to do it again as we buy more property in the area. We love our new home.
Maeg Yosef

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